Past Board Members

The document below contains the names of all known board members of Community Link from the time it was founded in 1939 to the present day and includes the years they served. (Community Link was originally called Community Welfare Council and later Community Services Planning Council.)

Community Link Board Members, Past and Present

Are you a former board member? Please take a moment to open the attached file and search for your name.  The list was created by going through archives—which sometimes were incomplete. If we somehow missed you while doing the research, or if we got the dates of your service wrong, please let us know by emailing

Also, we are celebrating our 75th anniversary on the evening of Oct. 15, 2014. We want to be sure you know you are invited to attend and that, in recognition of your service to the organization, you can purchase tickets for the event, which is combined with our 26th annual People Helping People Awards, at a deep discount. For information about the event, please go to To purchase tickets at the special discount rate for past board members, please click on Ticket Information and use the promotional code BODBOGO. It promises to be a great evening with lots of former board members on hand. Thanks!