Core Values and Competencies


  • Commitment to community and involvement of a broad and diverse constituency
  • Comprehensive perspective reflected in decisions and actions
  • Inclusive decision-making that strives for consensus
  • Diverse viewpoints respected and encouraged in decisions and actions
  • Positive working relationships with all sectors of the community
  • Objective data and information used to support decisions and action
  • Focus on systems change and sustainable, long-term solutions
  • Principled leadership producing measurable results


Building Community Infrastructure

Developing, nurturing and sustaining organizations and communities by enhancing their abilities to achieve the common good through convening groups to address issues, training and technical assistance, and leadership development.

Mobilizing Resources

Identifying and filling gaps in community services by redirection of existing or development of new resources.

Research and Evaluation

Producing and sharing credible and meaningful community-based research and program evaluation that informs and influences health and social policy and practice.

Public Policy Analysis

Producing timely, valuable and accurate information on policy choices for use by citizens and policy makers in developing solutions for community problems.

Community Organizing

Helping people and organizations most affected by public policies, services or community conditions develop and carryout activities that build community and neighborhood capacity and enhance health, economic conditions, and social well-being.


Engaging people in use of effective approaches to influence policy-makers, opinion leaders and general public in decisions benefiting the overall community’s quality of life.

Information Services

Producing and disseminating timely, accurate information for health and human services planning, fund distribution, policy development, and services referral.


Creating a safe, unaligned environment for the resolution of community problems and engaging multiple community sectors in addressing identified community issues.